Do Eet!

vote for us so we can get on a real bottle!
but no gravity games fiasco
1 vote per person


yeah! I totaly voted and now I know i am a true patriot to the sport. So do the right thing and vote the picture, or else be one of those jerks in pod 6…dammit.

I’d buy a case if it had that label on it.

I voted, and I don’t even know what Jones Soda is! I like the idea of personalised bottle labels though!

Don’t worry, it would be a whole lot harder for it to turn out like the Gravity Games thing, Jones has a well made poll, so you can’t just refresh the page and it votes again.


There are a lot of unicycling photos there. (just do a search)

I find it kinda intersting that out of about 25 unicycling pictures only 1 features a clown.