DMR Moto tyre

Just picked up a lovely new tyre for my 24" muni. The DMR Moto. Beautiful for street and hard pack. It is responsive and smooth on turns, rolls good and leans well. I’ve got a qu-ax, and believe me when I say you’ll need steel tyre levers and about 100kg pressure to get that 24 x 3.2" knobbly Leopard off the rim (that’s me leaning on it).

Did you get the Moto Digger or the Moto RT. I have tried the Digger, it’s good off road but too knobbly for my liking on road.

that tyre sounds extremely heavy!

Got the RT. Yeah, tires that are too knobbly sucks on tarmac. Gotta be smooth.

irussb, ever been to the crawley juggling festival? a group of us who are in to muni go every year and ride in the surrounding woods and chill. Sorry to threadjack.