Hi there…

Just registered here today… great site.

I’m going to Japan with all my friends from Denmark… watch it guys!! :smiley:

looking forward to meet you all.


I loved the Denmark bunch at the last Unicon but cant go this year because of college dates and money issues :frowning:


Welcome to the forum

Vi ses (men desværre ikke i Japan)


Re: DK-unicyclist

good to have u

how long have u been riding? what kinda riding do u do?

Hi Gild

I’ve been riding for about 13 years, and I do all kinds of riding.
Right now the focus is on UNICON, so I do a lot of highjump, and preparing for freestyles… etc.

I do enjoy Muni very much, but you know, Denmark is a flat land :roll_eyes:

How about you? what do you do on your uni?


Welcome to the forum

You should come to Norway for some Muni, I have just gotten my KH24. Don’t use it much yet, it is still a lot of snow and ice here.