DjiFouZe AmiOu road Trip

hi everybody :wink:

This is video of a road trip in October 2009 :roll_eyes:
Voici la video de notre road trip 2009 :wink:

thanks for the comment :wink:

@++ DjiFouZe :slight_smile:

ps: l m sorry for my bad english :s

wow that was a sick video! adrien uve been going on a few road trips lately

yes is very good
l like ;):wink:

cool video i liked the part where you tried the 360 on the pallets :smiley:
whatΒ΄s the name of the song?

β€œComme des Fou”

The song in the video is just for one joke :smiley:
because is very funny in french ^^ :slight_smile: