DIY Steadycam/monopod

HI everybody! :smiley:

Today I built that steadycam and I think it works pretty well (footage will be up soon) ! I made it of a monopod, but you can do it in any pipe, we just had this monopod laying around and it wasn’t really used, so it was just really easy on this…

On the monopod there’s and cap that can be taken of and we have made some weights to put in there (the weight depends on the cameras weight)

this is the handle we made it out of something (I actually dont know what it is, but it’s for a sink…) and the rest of my one-piece KH seatpos :stuck_out_tongue: The handle can be twisted 360° around and about 60°-70° up, down, left and right :wink:

looks cool :sunglasses:

Thanks :slight_smile:

A short test of my steadycam :slight_smile:

Nicely done dude! I found a “merrikcam” modified tripod that was in one of the Unicyclist threads and youtube. I copied it with a weight, a handlebar, and some square aluminum tubing. I put a digi helmet cam called a ContourHD on the end with a fisheye lens, and stacked a Panasonic G2 camera over it. The cameras stay low, so the rocks look deeper on the fisheye, which is also better for up close, aimed up for trials maneuvers, and the G2 is good for running 15’ behind the subject.
When I slow down rapidly the cam tends to tilt a little. I pump my hand forward and that seems to counter it. Otherwise it’s pretty steady. There was a bit of vibration on the fisheye, but that’s because I used a metal plate to mount it to at the end of the mast. I shored it up with a rod and expect the next vid will be better.

This is with a point and shoot on a modified tripod before the more compact weighted version I made for the better cameras.

I also made a merricam with this tutorial:

But I din’t think it was that good… it was very clumsy running around with… :slight_smile: Also it was smart to have a monopod and steadycam in one compared to tripod and steadycam, cus I hate using tripod! A movie is just getting so much better if the camera is moving and not just standing still… Therefor I love the monopod, you get a pretty steadyshot and there is always a little bit of moving :smiley: