DIY Pedal Grind Plates

My friends and i are getting into grinding (again) but the pins on my primo pedals really dont like to slide. So i did some research on RSU and found some threads about pedal grind plates from a little while ago. Some one was nice enough to link to a couple places that sold grind plates for BMX pedals. Since im cheap and didnt want to spend 20 or so bucks, Jake and I set out to make ourselves some. They were pretty simple to make:

We found some sheet metal that was just laying around jakes house.

We traced each of our pedals with a marker. We added little tabs that would wrap around the side of the pedal so we could bolt them on.

then cut out the sheet metal with some heavy duty cutters.

Then we put the flat metal on the pedal and used a hammer to bend the tabs around the sides. (i stepped on the metal and the pedal while i was hammering so it didnt move)

with the tabs in there final position, we could tell where to drill the holes for the bolts and did so.

Then we put the bolts on.

Then end :slight_smile:

Heres the pics:

Jake did the same thing for his wellgo pedal. It worked great.
I did kinda a sloppy job on mine but it worked just fine.

There are a couple shots of us trying them out in our album:

‘Like Butta’…THese things make you go so fast!!


Those are nice! Good idea for making your own equipment.

Q: Is the grind plate side heavier than the other side (I’m assuming it is)? Have you ever put your foot on the grind plate side, and if so, does your foot just slip right off?

Yeh they look nice ones to do it with, i did the same with my Dx style pedals. I took the pins out and replaced them with Screws to fasen the plate on with. Worsk quite well till i broke it :slight_smile:


paco: Thanks for reminding me :slight_smile: . The grind side is heavier so it turns the pedal so that it is on the bottom and i can put my foot on the pinned part at the top. However, after a lot of riding yesterday, my pedal siezed up a little and didnt always turn over. I think i just have to lube it up…or get new bearings. =/ Jake’s wellgo pedal would turn over without fail.

I think after a bit of curb wax has built up on the piece of metal, it would be quite slippery to put your foot on. I’m sure it will happen someday. Whatever :slight_smile:

Trev: What a good idea! Do most pins screw out? I know the pins in my pedals are removable but i never knew how exactly. And what part broke?

Take care guys. -erik

Yeah, the grinding plate balances the pedal to a horizontal position, so we havn’t had to worry about slipping yet. Its working great so far!

Its as Smooth as a babies butt with mayo (if that makes any sense)…nevermind. Lets just say that the grind plates make one smooth grind and one awesome ride.
We gotta grind that shizzle up this weekend Erik.

BuStA nUt,

On my Odysseys, not all of the pins screw out. The ones on the outer edges (closest and farthest from the frame) aren’t removable. I think that’s the case anyway. They are the only ones that don’t have a Philips head on the opposite side. It also happens that they are the only ones that are loose.


I dont know all the pins on one side are all out. maybe i just broke them off riding though. Yeh the pedal shape could do with being flat which would help the plate stay there


when I get some new pedal’s as my old things are nackered i will have to try this out i might as well weld the plates on as i have access to school stuff:D + i have been thinking about grinding as my next “trials trick” as i can now crank grab seat in,out every time:D :smiley:

In universe 2 it looks like Dan Doerkson ground flat some plastic odysseys and crewed grind plates through them.

They seem to work pretty well but they can’t be all that grippy.

Thin, not to sure if you can actually weld onto the actuall pedal just because of what these dx pedals are made of. I think my dad tried with his welder.