Divx coding a video file???

How do i divx code my video i made. Its 39mb, divx will make it smaller, right??

Re: Divx coding a video file???

There are some “How-To Guides” for encoding with DivX on the DivX support page
DivX and VirtualDub

If you’re looking for the best compression you’re going to need the Pro version for $19.99 or the DivX Pro Ad-Supported version. The completely free standard version of DivX does not have the advanced compression features of the Pro version and will not be able to compress the video as well or as much.

The Ad-Supported version includes GAIN (a.k.a. Gator) which is evil software. Some people go so far as to call it spyware. It can mess up your PC (make it run slower or crash more often). It’s not always easy to uninstall.

I would recommend buying the Pro version for $19.99 if you’re going to be encoding lots of videos. If you’re confident that you can uninstall GAIN and clean up the effects of using GAIN then try the Ad-Supported version and uninstall DivX when you’re done encoding your video.

The easiest way to encode video with DivX is to use Dr. DivX. It’s a $49.99 application, but has a free trial. You can use the free trial to encode your video. This method is easier than using VirtualDub.

If you want to encode the audio in your video with MP3 you’ll need to install the LAME ACM codec

Experiment with different bitrates when encoding the video. Depending on the quality of the source material, encoding rates of 500 kbps to 2000 kbps will give good results. Lower bitrates will result in smaller files, but lower video quality.

yup div x will compact it