Distance unicycling & sciatica([ICD-10] M54.3), related?

I have been unicyclist since 2010.

Saddletimes(36" with T-bar) on weekends; 2-4h winter, 2-6h summer.

Normally no stops during the ride.

Crank leghts varies 125-170

Saddles: KH freeride, Nimbus gel, KH slim(now bolted on).

Nervepain on my right leg is incredible and 24/7.
I must use strong painkillers, to maintain bearible condition.
I have suffered lower back pain when i started this awe sport,
second time when i switched 125 cranks(summer asphalt rides).

I find that I get this from too much walking and not enough stretching. It bothers me kayaking, as I paddle a tight boat. I have found relief from laying on the floor in a door opening and placing my heel up on the frame, so that my leg is at a 90 degree angle. I try to stay there for five minutes or so. If I am faithful with this stretch, the pain disappears.

Had the same problem but with discomfort in my left leg and a few trips to the chiropractor seemed to take care of it for me.

I experience sciatica on my left side after many years of unicycling. It seems to me that it has to do with the asymmetry of the sport; I always hold my handle with my right hand, so my body’s always twisted the same way. Stretching has helped, and I do try to switch hands now when I’m riding non-challenging stuff.

I also experience pain in my lower back and right leg. Sometimes I can barely walk. I ride left foot forward.
I know Jason Auld suffers too, his pain is in his left leg and he rides right foot forward. Could there be a connection between stance and which side of your body is affected?

Almost all bodyweight stacks in crotch area + using a pelvis to keep balance,
maybe that causes this kind of spineproblems.

Stretching is a normal post-exercise procedure to me(has always been).

I’m not very keen to go back 2wheels:(

I suggest you figure out what is causing the sciatica

If it’s compression at the piriformis (deep butt), it’s probably unicycle-related. If not, the most common reasons for sciatica are large disc herniations, stenosis or fractures. If your riding posture is flexed forward, my guess would be disc herniation. The good thing is, large herniations resorb, the bad thing is. You’re going to have to change your riding posture.

Last thing, if you haven’t already had a neurological work-up, do it. You should have someone make sure there are no signs of motor involvement, if there is, it’s more serious and warrants an MRI or nerve conduction velocity test.

MRI is coming in the near future.

I’m thinking of to weld my own custom v-frame(bike-like-frame),
although it’s going to be heavyweight steel prototype cut and weld -hell:)

Thanks for the answers!