Disk Brake on a (QU-ax) 36er?

The new Qu-ax 36 does not have a breaking surface on the rim. Would anybody with a mechanical mind please comment on the possibility of adding a disk break?

Showard added a disk brake to his coker (see this thread). He did some seriouis modifications though (like building the frame!). I don’t have the tools or skill to do that.

So, would a bike shop be able to fit one without too much hassle?

Many thanks!

There is NO WAY any normal bikeshop will be able to do that much modding to a unicycle. Most of them don’t even know how to do matinence on a unicycle let alone put a disc brake on. It requres a special hub and frame. Plus a brake post and the brake itself.

If you had lots of money you could have a machinist make a hub with rotor mounts and have someone weld on some mounts onto a frame.

What he said, such a project would be a serious undertaking for a experienced machinist, a bike shop wouldnt touch it.

Damn. I expected at the most they would weld a mount onto the frame, and screw the disk onto the hub:o .

I’m not sure (since I’ve not seen the Quax hub) if it would be possible, but I think it might be feasible to modify a Quax hub to take a bolt on rotor, by removing a bearing spacer and bolting/welding on an adapter plate between one flange and the bearing that could take the bolt-on rotor. I don’t know if there would be space without looking at how disc brakes work, how much room they need and how much room a Quax hub leaves. I would also assume that the mount for the frame is readily available to weld on after-market.

So if it could work, a fairly experienced machine shop (provided with good drawings and a detailed description of what needs doing) should be able to make the modifications for a reasonable sum of money. I certainly know of several places here in the UK that would be happy to do this kind of small machining. I would try it, except I don’t have the time or money.


Now that i think about it, It would be possible to make a bearing spacer with rotor mounts that slides onto the splines of a hub. Only certain hubs have full length splines though. Kh 05 and profile would worj.

It can require a custom hub and some frame welding, but it’s do-able.

How about a full view of that…whatever it is it looks cool!

Clickety click :slight_smile:

Disc brakes sound a great idea. I’ve had a hope mini on my mountain bike for a few years and found it provides much more consistent and reliable braking than rim brakes. I think it would be great to see mass produced disc brake compatible components for unicycles in the future.

Like I have mentioned in another thread, the Qu-ax rims might fit a calliper type of brake, more info about that soon (I hope) which is cool, because they’re cheaper and easier to maintain.

+1, Dustin. It took alot of work to make mine. For a standard direct-drive hub, there is a product made by First Principles in Canada that bolts to the flange, and provides both the disc rotor mount and the spoke holes:


Oh yeah, welding the disc caliper mounts to the frame is unavoidable. And the mount measurements will depend on the brand of brake.