Discussion Threads Discussion Thread

I think they’re great. Usually there is always one on the first page. It seems like a good place to find answers, or at least the right place to ask questions.

-Shaun Johanneson

the giraffe discussion thread is the place to be

why do we need a disscussion thread about dissucssion threads?

so we have a place to discuss discussion threads.
the street discussion thread is wonderful. i am the top poster there.

I have already started one here: Discussion discussion thread

It wasn’t very popular though. Maybe because it wasn’t filling RSU with mindless bollocks!

yours was shit.


can you guys guess my favorite discussion thread?

the giraffe discussion thread?

nooooo. Its definately the muni discussion thread:p

Well, you’re discussing them right now.

Yeah Discussion Threads are awesome!

I’m copying Discussion threads in Brazilian Forums, they help a lot to organize everything…

My favorite is the Street Discussion Thread, It just isn’t the best place to learn anything because youtube exists…

My guni discussion thread seems to have died:(

But I suppose there wasn’t too much to discuss I guess

This is my favorite discussion thread yet.

Seems like all discussion threads end up talking about pedals, the most boring topic ever. I mean does it look like I care if you like jc or hamiltons better.


DX’s FTW! :stuck_out_tongue:

More JC material…

They are great. They are like the stickies everyone wants in RSU for each style so people have a general thread to go to for questions, answers, and everything else useful about that style.

Actually, im going to go use one right now instead of making a new thread.