disc brakes

Just got my new muni and am thinking about adding brakes. I had a centre pull on my old muni which I liked.

I was thinking about adding a disc brake (for no good reason :wink: we’re not talking heavy braking here ). Has anyone done this? Any pics?

Yep…I’ve heard of a few cases but I only know a link to one. Go to http://www.muniac.com/emuni.htm and go down the page for a little bit until you reach the picture and a little write-up. That page also has a really well-written and detailed account of the building process of a custom muni. The disk brake muni is Scott Bridgeman’s and I just discovered then that the custom muni write-up is by Rod Wylie.

Rod, if you read this, thanks a lot for diong that write-up. It really helped me with my custom muni.

Good luck with your brakes ‘nb’ (sorry I don’t know your name),

I tried to attach the image in the previous post but it obviously didn’t work…

That would be a nice site if you could read it! You do not use a black font on a blue background. They should use white. I started to read the page and quit. Maybe they should use a blue font on a blue background, it would be just as easy to read. when you do a web page you should at least check it. My 2 cents…Keith:D :smiley:

Generally if you select the text it makes the colours better; failing that if it’s a lot of text it’s worth copying it to notepad or something.

It was the red “Be Careful!” bit that stunned me! Go rest your eyes: www.flippet.org/painful.html


Thanks for link (not you, Phil :slight_smile: )

He even had a few excuses for putting a disc brake on a unicycle


Re: disc brakes

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>Generally if you select the text it makes the colours better; failing
>that if it’s a lot of text it’s worth copying it to notepad or
I was going to say that that is exactly what I do in such cases (in
that sequence, too). And, if you use keyboard shortcuts like ctrl-a
it’s superfast too. However, Keith’s point that it should be directly
readible is very valid.

Klaas Bil

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 I'M BLIND.. OH MY POOR EYES....:D   bye..Keith

    I liked the article but it was just to hard to read. I even like the colors of black and blue. just try and read the page and think of how mush easier it would be if it was white lettering on a blue background. look at this example..

This is silver,this is silver, this is silver
This is dark blue, this is dark blue, this is dark blue

Which one is easier to read?

I thought that things was great Phil! I could stare at it for minutes.


Minutes? Impressive. I only got up to seconds before my eyes start melting into puddles of goo…


Well…I said could, not did :). I still think I could though!


So I’m the only person who didn’t have any trouble with black text on blue then? Fair enough. I obviously have superior eyes. In fact, to make the point, I have this:

Set as my desktop background. It grows on you, really.


I’ve got a disc brake on my Muni and it’s so much smoooother than caliper brakes. Go for it.

Do you have any photos for your uni with the disc brake? I’m told that disc brakes weigh too much to be worried about putting one on. Is this correct? How much extra weight is there? What kind of axle did you use and how is the disc attached? I was thinking a disc brake would be a good addition to a Coker as the larger wheel would likely go out of true easier and the disc would always be straight and true. What are your thoughts on this?

Just in case Gabe doesn’t answer for a while, here’s a picture. Sorry you can’t really see anything, but it’s a nice looking muni anyway.


unicycles - gabe's unicycle.jpg