disc brake on kh36

I will be ordering a kh36 soon and I want to know if it’s possible to install a disc brake on a kh frame.


I dont think so, as far as I know, the only frames that you can put a Disk brake on is either a Triton or a Nimbus Night Rider with the custom bearing holders from MountainUni.com or just the normal Nimbus that already comes with the disk brake(I forgot it’s name).

Mountainuni is working on a bolt on caliper mount to attach the caliper to the KH frame. The disk will be attached to a Sinz crank arm. the cranks will be available in isis in 155mm length and the MountainUni rotor is unique, being the only rotor that fits to a crankarm.

If you want KH then Mountainuni is the only option. The other one is Nimbus Impulse Disc: http://www.nimbusunicycles.com/distance/36-impulse-uncycle/