Disc brake compatibility with the new KH cranks

The recent introduction of the KH disc mount cranks have got me contimplating my next project.
Are these cranks only useful if you have a KH frame with a caliper mount?
The D-brake from Nimbus states that they are designed for use with the disc inside the frame or on the hub.
Could the caliper be just turned to the outside for use with the KH disc cranks? Possibly requiring a shim or two…
Does this make any sense? Basically I’m wondering if getting the new KH cranks, D-brake mount, and a disc setup means an instant bolt-on disc kit, or would you need the caliper mounts (found on KH frames) to utilize the new crake sets?

Thanks all!

Yep, both the D-brake and MountainUni UCM will allow to you mount a disc caliper and work with the Spirit cranks.

Thanks for the response, I haven’t heard of the other caliper mount. This is exciting! I like the idea of bolt and go disc brakes without having to get a wheel build.
Time for a muni29! :)~

DavidP, would this work as well with KH/S hubs? I’d like to avoid replacing a new older style KH26 frame and have Spirit cranks on order. If I can just order a UCM and 180mm offset to use with any disc brake, that will be great.

Are there any recommendations for a particular disc brake? What would be the ideal one to get?

Make sure what ever disc brake caliper you choose to go with is common for your area so you can get replacement brake pads!!!
The only place I have been able to find replacement brake pads for my Quad dime calipers is South Korea and England, problem is I live in California.

Just ordered the UCM based on a comparison with the D’Brake showing it to be thinner. I plan to hit a LBS near Red Rock for disc brakes and installation with the guni wheel.

New (for June 2012) KH29 with Magura MT-2 brake

Josh at UDC USA assured me the Magra MT-2 disc brake kit would work and it does but only after a few hours of me tinkering with it. Of course a bike mechanic could probably have done it in a matter of minutes but I take the time to give it a lot of TLC with Park Tool’s PolyLube 1000 Lubricant putting each and every nut and bolt on/off once before final install with LOCTITE Blue 242 ThreadLocker. Like I say, lots of TLC.

I do have a couple of questions:

First off, I did not need the 2mm spacers which are suggested for a regular non-geared hub (mine is a KH Moment hub). I tried it with the spacers but could not (for two days!) get the brake to stop rubbing. Once I took the spacers out, it spins nice and quiet.

Second, the brake caliper adaptor (the part that says QM-11) could go either way. I mounted it white letters out, but upside down. Has anyone else used UDC’s MT-2 kit? Is this the way that you mounted it? It seems to be working for me so I guess all is well. The 160mm rotor has plenty of stopping power for me so far. Of course, I have not had it off-road yet.

According to the Spirit Cranks Disc Brake Installation manual "four 2mm washers may (optional) be required. My friendly neighborhood hardware store charged me all of $0.04 but, as the merchant pointed out, the bolts that were to be “washed” already had washers on them as well as a nice dose of blue loctite. They looked just like all the other bolts that come with a KH. My Magura box had been torn open so I suspect Josh from UDC threw them in for me as they were in a little baggie with a couple of “extra” (pictures of a small black K’nex looking piece and a tiny gold bolt to follow) parts. I did not end up needing the washers which made me think we should use this thread to list if your set-up requires washers or not. I’ll start.

  • KH29 frame (new for June 2012) with disc brake tabs
  • KH Moment Hub with Spirit cranks
  • Magura MT-2 disc brake kit with 160mm rotor
  • No spacer washer required

Also on the Magura box was a baggie with the black piece (the part that says QM-11 in the picture above) labeled as an “adaptor”. That part was required but, as I said above, left me guessing which end was up. It worked well on my ride today so I assume it’s fine.

On my adaptor, it had an up arrow. The way you have it set up looks backwards to me, but it might work just fine.

thanks for that Scott. Mine did not have an arrow but, looking at the written words (QM-11, etc.) are upside down. I think I might have it upside down. Perhaps that’s why I didn’t need washers. I’ll mess with it when I get home.

Looks upside down to me as well, the calliper should be further down on the disk.

You still should not need the washers.

adapter is upside down - turn it around and the caliper will match up with the rotor better (better braking and pad wear)

Hi David,

New to this forum but I have a 2012 KH 36er with the Magura MT2. I had the exact same questions you do when putting mine on. I have my QM11 flipped the other way around with the lettering facing towards the wheel. I only had mounting pictures on Mountain Bikes to go from to find the orientation but it works well. Being such a minimal difference on each leg of the QM11 I doubt it really makes a difference. However, I did have to use washers between the frame and the QM11 to get the proper clearance to center the disk in the caliper. Really happy with the brake though!

There is a thread started under reviews where folks have posted comment on certain hydraulic brakes. You can also look at MTBR for biker reviews.

I recently purchased a set of 2012 Magura MT2, these are the entry level hydraulic disc brakes, similar in mant ways to the more expensive MT4, 6, 8.

UDC has them listed for $130, I bought a complete set off Ebay new with 185/203 rotors for $199 delivered. These brake use Magura mineral oil like the Magura rim brakes. The brakes come with 8’ lines that need to be cuto down. This is a very easy process, but you need the pats, a nipple and olive, for each brake. No bleeding required :smiley:

I was previously using Tektro Comps, had one on my 26 and one on 29, the 29er was a “squealer” and not particularly powerful, so I upgraded to the MT2 and have been very happy with the smoother stopping and quiet ride.

I do suggest folks go to a larger rotor to improve clearance, so a 180 or 203, though a 160 will work and there is minimal difference braking effectiveness with increased rotor size.

Another decent brake is the Shimano Deore or XT, they also use mineral oil.

For anyone interested I got my MT2 and 160mm rotor at Pricepoint.com. The MT2 was $94.98 and the Magura SL Storm rotor was $26.98. Cheapest I found.

You can get a set of two MT2 on ebay with a choice of rotor size and type, $199 to $229 USD shipped.

I got a set with 180/203 standard rotors for $199, they ship from Germany, already running one of them, great brakes, but keep in mind that you need a fitting and olive to shorten the lines as they are ~eight feet long :astonished:

That is a great deal Ben! I did not think about International Locals when checking eBay. Mine came with the olive and fitting, but I can’t imagine they are much at all. If you don’t mind me asking, what did you use to cut your brake hose?

I got the olives from a local bike shop, I was abel to re-use the “quill” though it was a bit of work getting it out of the old tubing :roll_eyes:

I have some construction “scissors” which have a blunt side which holds the tubing and then the other side cuts. It was easy to cut, so you choudl probably use some standard scissors or a razor knife. If you worried about the hose “flattening”, then use magura tubing holder or a piece of metal tubing to support the hose.

Thanks a lot for the help Ben. Really appreciate it!