Man, I am so pissed! I just got my Torker DX today and I opened it up. The first thing I noticed, was that the items inside were kinda disorganized. So when I pulled up each part of the uni one by one I noticed that something was missing…THEY FORGOT THE CRANKS!!! On top of that they did’nt even ship it with the correct screws! Plus they did a half-ass job on packing the thing to start with! Now I have to return it and get it replaced which will be probably another week and a half! ARRGGHHH!

That sucks, where did you get it from?

That’s very unprofessional. Hope it all gets taken care of.

well, mine was packaged nicely, had all its parts and was in good shape…
the bearing “holders” attatched to the frame were not manufactured properly (i can post a photo if we want…) and so the bolts would hardly work unless you do some dicking around… not to mention that the frame snapped within ~4 months of buying it. lol.

my advice in the ways of torker, is to not expect too much (or at least expect failure of trials unicycles if you use them for trials).

ps: i bet he got it from ebay

i ordered a torker girrafe from ebay and it came like this! The screws and crap were “loose” just tumbling around in the box! The frame had nics and chips, and was scratched up to h*ll! i was so close to sending it back.

I bought mine on ebay, it was very nicely packed, no scartches, i am very happy with it, and i dont think my frame will brake, i hardly put any force on it lol

Couldn’t’ve been UDC…

I got it off a Bike Shop Dealer located in NY- Off ebay of course. I called the guy up and he was super-nice! He said he called Torker- and since they are based out of Washington which is closer to me- They are going to send a new DX to me straight from the company within 2 days! :smiley: :smiley: Then I will send the defective DX back to him! Amazing! Now that is customer service! On top of that my old CX had bent cranks so I sent an email to Torker requesting new Cranks and they are going to send me new one, which is weird because they did’nt even ask for any authentication or anything! They have a “costco” type return/warranty policy- awesome!

A very much happy teenager,


nice, i should send my frame back :wink: