dirt ridin' on the 22nd element

For example the Vulture Cycles titanium unicycle Dirtuni.com. Furthermore the crown is the same. LEGS!! SEAT TUBE!! DIRTUNI: “It shall be $500usd”
Vulture: “Dude. I said $750 ready to ride”
DIRTUNI: “It shall be an option for frame and be mated to
(profile){only} and MR. H’s very very best saddle by
26.2mm seat post only from now on, and be sold
along side of my very nice cromoly versions.”
Vulture: “Lets givem some pics”

Thanks folks, this has taken quite a while but I have been riding my ti dirtuni since june. Its springier than cromo. I put up some pics a long time ago of the proto crown dirtuni then I made some on the cnc machine then dirtuni had a bunch made by a real job shop. I designed the crown (circles and lines) and D.U. (cant I just call him that now) had a bunch made, and they are quite nice. There are some amazing pictures of people riding on this site. I like dirt to ride on more than wood. An engineer type told me that square tubing is stiffer torsionwise than the dimentional equivilent round, though heavier. Another engineer type told me it looked rad. Ill make a gallery called “this one ti uni” and stop typing now.