i almost have enough money for my freeride but now i think i want new slalom skis what should i choose

how about you get the uni smash your skis and get a snowboard in the fall wtf are you going to need skis for at any time of the year let alone in late may

skis r often half price in the off season cause store keepers want to clear there inventory for summer stuff

I have to chose between getting a new uni or a snowboard, so i know how you feel on it.

One thing I did though was, I asked myself what was gonna be the one worth putting money into? The uni, that I can ride everyday and it doesn’t matter how the weather is, or, A new board, which I can only ride during the season, and I cant travel during the summer to other places to ride, and if I did, that would cost a lot of money I don’t have to go ride one mountain.

Plus, I already have a snowboard that is pretty decent, nothing top-of-the-line but its the perfect shredding machine for me.

Then I realized, My board wont be breaking anytime soon, not even from any jump or grinds I do, but my uni, If I started taking it of anything more then 2 feet, Id be risking the cranks breaking.

Then I came to my decision, the uni! Now I have a uni that wont be breaking for a long time, I ride it everyday no matter what the weather is like, its way better than my old one, and a lot of other good things about it, while my board is sitting there collecting dust because its summer.

Get the Freeride…Its much cooler.

I think the fact that you posted this on the unicycle form is an indication that subconsciously you want the uni (unless you posted this on a skiing forum, too.)What do you expect a bunch or unicyclists to say?

Also. Ditch the skis for a board when you gt a chance!:wink:

You are in the WRONG forum to ask that question.

get the UNICYCLE.

Quote/Also. Ditch the skis for a board when you gt a chance/quote

never say that to me

but im a racer and having the best skis makes u a better racer

I forgot about that lol, well, what do you need more? a unicycle that will hold up for what your doing? or skis that will help you in your races?