Diffrent names for unicycles?

Hey, I’m writing a paper for my English class talking about unicycles. I really don’t want to repeat the word “unicycle” over and over again so if you have a creative, interesting word(s) to substitute for unicycle post 'em here. The thesaurus couldn’t find any results… in fact it didn’t recognize the word unicycle. {T_T} Thanks!

-monocycle (french)
-one-wheeled bike
-one-wheeled beast
-circus bike
-tricky contraption
-balance tester
-einrad (german)

just some suggestions of the top of my head :o


I guess the abreviation ‘Uni’ is too simple.

+1 Uni

One-wheeled doom machine.

The Circle of Life/Death (your choice on which)

Just use all the terms people spit out in an attempt to remember what it’s called when you’re riding by.

Bicycle, tricycle, monobike, unibike, onecycle (pronounced like popsicle XD)

Use pronouns: it, this, that, they, them.

It is generally good writing style to use the name of something early in the paragraph, then rely on pronouns later.

When you use the word “unicycle” modify it: “mountain unicycle or muni”, “trials unicycle”, etc.

Using too many synonyms could just come over as “too clever” and distract fromt eh factual content of what you are writing.