differences between 12g and 14g spokes for on a 36er

as above, which is better, stronger, and why? thanks in advance for any info

12g is thicker… which in tern is stronger.

but it is heavier.

weight is important on 36s, especially rotational weight.

I figured it wasn’t a big deal… but compared to some Trials riders… it can’t be THAT big a deal.

well it actually makes quite a difference (at least for me) for accelerating and stopping. You dont have to work as hard.

I ride a DX with Jim Cielencki’s… pretty much the heaviest Trials Unicycle.

I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference at all between those spokes.

yea, but we are talking about cokers.

those you have to use some force to get rolling. especially if you have 12G spokes and a steel rim.

the airfoil rims and 12G spokes are alot more pleasant.

Aren’t the 14g spokes the new stainless steel ones, which will be both lighter and better quality than the rubbish stock coker ones, so the 14g might actually be stronger. They won’t go rusty like normal coker spokes do either.



I’d say about 2g per spoke.

The 14 gauge ones are more thin, lighter, stronger and less likely to corrode (stainless).

The 14 gauge ones are made of stainless steel, which is a much more advanced metal in pretty much all fashions.

The 12 gauge ones are made of (normal?) steel, and so is worse than the 14 gauge one in the afformentioned areas.

Also the rotating force of a coker is much more important to a rider than the weight of a trials uni I would say. You can notice the performance differences alot easier, thats for sure.

Saves you 236g = 6.5g per spoke.

I think the point is that you get a stiffer wheel with the 14g spokes, so it handles better, is better for use with brakes and you waste less energy distorting the wheel than with 12g spokes. The 14g stainless are deffinitely the better option.

Might be different over there, but I think when I got my new coker the 14g were cheaper too. So: lighter, stronger, cheaper. Keith Bontrager would have a fit.

More importantly - stainless steel spokes won’t go rusty, so your unicycle will stay shinier.

i got the thick spoke option andworth it coz my wheel already needed truing after 40mile run,

Wouldn’t that suggest that it isn’t worth it to get the thicker spokes?

Mayhaps if you had the stainless ones it would have stayed true?

So you bought the more expensive, less strong spokes, and your wheel was less strong.

Maybe they’re not such a good buy.