difference between?

i was wondering, whats the difference between trials and MUni… and whats the difference in between the unis too?

ahh… dw, trials is street and jumping etc. muni is mountain…

can i use muni for trials or trials for muni, which is better? whats the dif between the actual unis?

if i get another uni… should i get a trials or muni… because i wanna do both

ok, from what i see, is it basically the crank size and seat height? so i was thinking i could buy a muni and then replace the cranks with my current short ones and change the seat to make a trials uni!
having short/tall seat and short/long cranks is my answer?

The Main difference is wheel size. Trials is most commonly done on a 20in wheel (19in rim with a thick tire) and Muni generally is done on a 24 or 26in wheel. You could ride Muni on a 20in (I have) or trials on a 24in but it’s not the best. Just save and buy two unis.

I agree with frankz, but i think that if you want to do both then a 24" Muni is what you need, Muni on a trials is very tricky, whereas trials on a Muni isn’t too bad, you just won’t get so much height from your hops.

The term Muni is applied variously. At one level, it is off road riding, doing big distances cross country. At another, it is riding up and down natural obstacles in a fairly small area such as a disused quarry.

Trials seems to be all about moving onto and between obstacles that have either been constructed for the purpose, or which are part of the urban environment (walls, posts, seats etc.)

There is some overlap. However, on the whole, the Muni rider will be riding along a route, and the trials rider will be in one place doing ever more technical moves. Munis roll and trials unis do a lot of bouncing.

As Munis roll, they tend to have large-ish wheels which are better for speed, covering distance, and dealing with uneven ground.

As trials unis bounce, they tend to have smallish wheels that are light but strong, and fat squidgy tyres.

You can do long distance on a 20, or trials on a Coker. However, if you are going to get heavily into one discipline (Muni, trials, road riding, freestyle, etc.) then it makes sense to have a uni optimised for that discipline: the right wheel size, tyre, and cranks.

That is why so many of us end up with several unis.

I have a trials uni coming in the mail soon.
Probably going to save up for a 29’ or a coker for distance riding later on.

24’ gives you the “better” of both worlds but the best of neither. I’d say just get the one that you think you’ll do more now, and then get another one later if you need.

ahh ok, i’ll save for a trials then a MUni… then ill have a whole set!

Surely it gives you the best of Muni, where a 24" wheel is ideal?

ok, but forget about doing any actual muni on a 20".

I’m sorry but yeah… muni on a 20" just isin’t the same.


It is harder to learn trials on a muni, but in my opinion it is much more fun to ride trials and street on a 24" muni. You will be able to get the same hop height from the two, I have an Onza 24" and a KH Trials 20", my hop height was basically the same on the two after a couple of rides on the 24". It is harder to learn things such as Pedal/Crank Grabs because you have more of a distance to travel, but it is easy to transfer them over once you figure it out. 24" are faster and smoother, and you can get more speed to jump steps and stuff with them. You’re probably gonna want both in the end anyway, so just figure out which you’d like to do first.

i think ill go for “street” because im gonna learn freestyle on my nimbus 2 and buy a trials when im ready and have the money…