Difference between Impact Reagent flat and Impact Reagent

So I finally have money to start completing my arsenal and the first one I want to get is a good trials uni. I have my heavy 24" torker dx that I ride down stairs, jump off picnic tables with, and do some light occasional muni with. I was deciding between the impact reagent and the nimbus Vegas as my choice trials uni if I’m able to buy new next month and I saw UDC has two versions of the reagent:

This one that’s a flat uni and in my price range

and this one that’s not in my price range

and this nimbus vegas

What’s the difference between the two reagent unis? Would the reagent flat be able to hold up to some tough trials or should I just go for the nimbus? My price range is $350 or less so if anyone has any better suggestions lemme know! Thanks!

The big difference between the two is the rim, for the flat version it’s a true 20" rim which isn’t standard for trials. As far as I can tell the flat has an older version of the frame which may or may not make a difference. The hub is not the same, the flat has a nimbus hub. The normal one has the impact dual bearing hub that is supposed to be lighter.

The flat is definitely not meant to be a trials unicycle specifically but it does have a lot of nice parts for the price. The saddle, frame and cranks are all better than the parts on the nimbus.

The two Reagents are very similar. The only significant difference is that the 19" trials version uses a smaller rim (ISO 387), and the Flat version uses 20" (iso 406) tires. The advantage of the smaller Trials rim is that you can get a bit more volume. The advantage of the standard size is tire choice, volume, tread, cost…

So, if you really just want it for trials, and a knobby tire suits you the more expensive uni will be the ticket. If you want to use a less aggressive tread without shaving a trials tire down the “Flat” version will be the one.

There are other differences as well, but they are much less significant. The wheelsets have different hubs, and rims, but that’s not terribly important as both are very good. The cranks on the flat version are shorter, but I don’t think it would preclude doing a lot of trials since they are still not “short” on a small wheel like these.

Just found a better option!

The US dollar is high compared to the Canadian dollar so buy this. The online shipping calculator says you can do the shipping for $30 which brings the total to 455 CAD which should be about 330 USD at the moment. It’s the 2012 gravity model which is heavier than the newer ones but it’s still a really nice uni. If you don’t want a rounded frame you should also consider this.

Agree with what the other two said. The standard 20" tire on the Reagent Flat is fine but doesn’t have as much room to crush for landing really big drops compared to the 19" trials size on the other two. You can get a 20" Onza Sticky Fingers tire in 20x2.4" which will fit and has more air volume than the Grifter, but if you want to do trial then the trials size would suit you better.

Or you could get the Flat model and eventually build up a custom trials wheel to go in that frame, or see if anyone has one to sell on the Trading Post forum here. You’d have a two-way convertible unicycle for the same or not much more than the cost of the Reagent trials model, and you could ride the stock wheel while you’re saving your pennies.

Edit: Nice finds, Shmolagin!

Sweet! Thanks guys! The impact is just what I was looking for! I do wish it had a square frame though for one footed riding. Do you think its possible on the rounded frame? I looked at the Eqinox before finding the nimbus and the reagent since someone was selling it in the trade forum, but the inseam requirement was too much since I only have a 29in inseam :/. I think I’ll be ordering the gravity though since its right in m price range and its a really strong uni. Do you know how much the uni weighs? The site doesn’t say.

I pulled mine out of the corner and found that yes, it is possible to ride one foot on it. If I were learning I would probably add a little grip tape to the frame to make it easier but it’s doable without. I don’t know what it weighs and mine is a slightly different model so I can’t just weigh mine. I imagine it would be 1 or 2 pounds heavier than the new version which is listed at 10.5 pounds.

I can do one foot wheel walking on my gravity, at least to the point where I know its my skill that’s the limit, not the frame. I honestly wouldn’t worry about weight, you will get use to it.

That’s good to know! I’ve been watching youtube videos with people riding the gravity and seeing them do some one footed stuff definitely helps to see how is done on a curvy frame. And yea im not to concenred about the wieght anymore, its probably gonna feel light as a cloud jumping with the gravity compared to my 17lb torker. I’m looking forward to being able to make my order next week :smiley:

Have you seen this?

I have not! Might have to snatch that one up instead though it looks amazing…

SO ANGRY I go into work and there’s 20mins left and someone outbids me in the last 10 mins!!! sigh