did i invent the powerslide?

ok … a few months ago me and my friend were riding around and i figured out that we could powerslide (extremely hard not to eat it) if we did it perfectly … did I invent this… It was my idea and I did it first

you mean stop pedaling and skid because i do that a lot it wears out your tire though


Ive done it on snow, ice, and dirt, and im pretty sure a lot more people have done it. I wouldnt do it on pavement though, can really wear down your tire.

Yeah I do it on gravel and stuff sometimes, its pretty fun and yeah a lot of people do it. You can see Justin Kohse do it on Defect.

Watch Justin in Defect.

I do it a lot.

I’ve done some bigger than Justin’s… although i’ve only ridden out of one of them.


ok… i was just thinking that i had never seen anyone do one … ever except me and my friend … and i quit doing them-too many UPDs

how you do a power slide on a uni?

well … you can be riding straght… turn really sharp and pedal as fast as you can … or just go fast and stop instantly … then slide on rocks or w/e

it doesnt work very well on pavement(at least in my experience) unless you are going pretty fast, or have a slick tire.
its fun to do on dirt or ice though…except usually on ice my tire slips out from beneath me too fast and i fall

It can become an awesome tecnique for riding on snow and ice, lotsa fun. Works good on dirt and gravel too, but the best ever is mud.

Sorry, guess you didn’t invent it… better luck next time.

i figured someone had done it b4, but i never heard of anyone doing it
oh well …

There’s a big one in U2, too.


Were? I don’t remember that…

But it has been awhile sibce I watched it. :o

Jacinto. Right before his tire explodes.

i did it in snow and i upded really bad and slid like 5 to 10 feet

this all sounds pointless. i did it, it wasnt fun and i messed up my tire a little. why do it?

r u stupid ?