did i get a deal

i bought this uni http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=84 off ebay for 250 bucks. did i get a good deal? how good of a uni is this? and what are some things i should look into upgrading

If it’s in good shape, sounds like a great deal.

It it does still have that stock seat that’s listed on unicycle.com, then you’d definitly want to upgrade that to something more comfortable, like a KH seat or gel seat.

Other then that it looks good. Might want to upgrade to some nicer pedals eventually, but that’s probably not so urgent…


yes, that was a good deal

i have a viscount saddle on my 24 set up
its cumfy and fine.
its a lil big in the back but hes not gonna be doing sif on a coker.
In my opinion, it is just as cumfy as my nimbus gel just wider.

I would change the saddle, and pedals later on when you feel the need to, which has been said before.

Its a great deal, I got the same coker (mine came with a older, thick KH seat, and tioga pedals) and I havent done anything else to it except ride a lot.

There are a lot of upgrades you can get for it, wider hub, lighter/strong rim, different crank lengths, different frame or tires, and other little things. Just ride it for now, and see how it feels for you, and youll decide if you want to add or take parts off.