*Diamond Crown*

Check out my diamond encrusted crown.The diamonds stop your feet from slipping when one foot riding.



pfft …cubic zerconium…jk…its pretty awsome how well douse it work and how did you do it

thats looks kinda kool

its just white griptape guys

Its clear grip tape, i bought it off ebay for £4, dont know how well it works yet i just finished putting it on.
It took about 2hrs to make the template i dont know if you can tell from the pic but its all one piece and wraps right around the crown.
I heated the crown and the grip tape with my girlfriends hair dryer to try and give me a little time to slide it into place.
Hope its not raining 2morrow so i can try it out

i know …i was joking it still looks cool and blingy

2 HOURS!!! it must be on pritty nice then eh…

Isn’t that the point?

did you get that uni recently? because its not worn atall.

Oh yeah its on real nice it aint movin any time soon and i wanted it to look perfect.

And my uni is fairly new thats why its not very worn

Heres a rough outline of the template i did it with my wicked paint skills

template.bmp (352 KB)

Very nice job. Great fit around the welds.