Denver Riders wanted 4 TV show


A television station in Denver is looking for MUni riders for a show on extreme getaways. This was posted at

Contact info is in the thread.


Re: Denver Riders wanted 4 TV show

Looks fun, but a bit far away

The ones joining this thing need to get a copy and share it with the rest.

Rusty, Norway

I thought I would push this up on the board just one more time.

…for the MUni cause.

Glad your pushing it here,nobody over there seems to give a rats ass and its quite depressing how “the Maniac” has completey ignored the thread altogether.

:thinking: ??? Just because there are no replies over there doesn’t mean the post is being ignored. I know some of the riders from Telluride Colorado read that board and they have likely seen the message there. That TV spot would be a good opportunity for the Telluride folks and the other riders from Colorado.

Aspen is here, and Colorado is a big state. Where is the shoot going to take place? The rafting and kayaking now is top notch and getting better every day, so one must prioritize how he uses his adreniline. Whitewater fever has taken over here in the mountains! The rivers are rippin!!!