Demolition Megnesium Pedals

Hey everybody, I’m thinking of getting some of these pedals and I’m wondering if anybody has tried them, They look like they would have similar grip to jim c’s. They are really light aswell. And would they take lots of abuse? I know magnesium isn’t as strong as aluminium but i would only ever grind/pedal grab with a grind plate.

hey luke…

to tell you the truth…

i don’t actually know.

But they seem good! :thinking:

Dude to be honest i would save your money. Magnesium pedals are only a tiny bit lighter then alloy/whatever else pedals. I dont think its worth paying all the money and the shipping and stuff when you can use pedals you can buy here.
Whats wrong with your plastics? They are pretty grippy.

I dont think i would pay that much for a set of looseballs anyway, cos the shipping will probably cost a fortune

See ya,


I would steer clear of any magnesium pedal bodied or titanium spindled pedals for a trials unicycle. They are less strong and much more expensive than steel and aluminum pedals.

Edit: However if you insist on getting a magnesium pedal and want something with similar grip to the Jim C’s might I suggest you look into purchasing the Magnesium Jim C’s?

Hey max, The magnesium onse are like 6 (120 grams i think) ounces lighter than the alu ones and thats a fair bit. I never said i was getting them from danscomp anyway :stuck_out_tongue: . Even though i am, but im sharing shipping with ed and chris and some other people who are ordering stuff from danscomp.

Well I’m not worried about the price at all, I know magnesium is less strong but it is a fair bit lighter too. Are people only breaking magnesium pedals doing pedal grabs and stuff or on jumps too? I’m not worried about breaking them on pedal grabs because I use grind plates.

Hey, If I were u I would look at the DK Distortion pedals. they look really nice and grippy. they come in magnesium and aluminum.they also weigh really light.

dk magnesium pedlas.jpg