Dem 2010

Here’s a vid from DEM 2010.

DEM was a small convent in Sweden, (Dalarna County) this summer, arranged by the fantastic twins Martin and Josef Sjönneby!

Video made by TheJoltJoker. :slight_smile:

Nice! looks like you guys had a blast

I´m really not happy with my flatriding :frowning:

Thanks for those words Johan!


It was a fantastic convent.

:smiley: looks like you all had a brilliant time, nice trials course!
Well done for organising what looks like a great convention too :slight_smile:

Ya it was epic!

can you upload it on vimeo ?
i can´t watch it :frowning:

Cool! The trial part made me look SOOO much forward too the danish trials and MUni nationals in the weekend!! :smiley:

Great display of riding, looks like you all had a blast! The filming was also very good, I really enjoyed the little 3d intros :stuck_out_tongue:

That was an awesome video :slight_smile: really fun. Who is the guy on the raw finish KH doing the awesome tricks, ie - rev flips, almost hick trip on flat, full out flip up ledge etc… he’s got some skills

It´s me, Josef, one who arranged the convent. I did a hicktriple on the mannypad on the street also actually, strange I missed that one on the flat comp. Thanks, and btw. Your friend luke is still my hero!

I was there! I had such a great time and this video really shows what a great convention it was :smiley: Big ups to the Sjönneby’s for arranging and to TheJoltJoker for an awesome vid :smiley:


This is amazing video…

I was also there :smiley: I’ve got a video from the Junior Flatland, might be fun to watch! :wink:
EDIT: I’d turn the volume down a bit at the end :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha looove the ending!