Delta lever extender nub for sale.

i put a Delta extender on my uni and i didnt need all of it,so im offering to sell whats left.

i welcome any questions you may have about it,from serious buyers only please.its in mint condition,very light weight and narry a scratch.this is a must sell.

i urge you to act fast,offers like this dont last long.


Do you ship to Canada?

Re: Delta lever extender nub for sale.

Certainly Jagur’s is an option, although I have one for sale too. Identical in all manner except the “E” in Delta on mine is intact, not clumsily sawed through the middle. PM with offers…

Re: Re: Delta lever extender nub for sale.

how dare you insult my blue hacksaw blade that cost $0.99 cents!

notice that there is no bounce induced stippling of the cut zone.those are the steps we professionals take every day…

CanNahDa is a no no…only to get to Alaska my friend.

If only you had left the “D”… :frowning:

Absolutely!!! While some nub-sellers turn their back, I am always ready to provide sales and service to my brethren and sistren north of the border… :smiley:

Tom, says Sofa as he wipes the tear from his eye, ‘Thank you’

You are a king among men

Re: Delta lever extender nub for sale.

I’ve got a couple of those for sale too, but mine are left-handed.

I’ve gotta lefty for sale too…and you can have it for three easy payments of $9.99 (plus shipping and handling) :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still waiting for the “But wait there’s more. Call within the next ten minutes…”

I want my free gift!


All these can be had for twwwwenty nine niiiinetyfive

nub, still available…serious offers only please.