defect riders

i was interested in how many of the riders from defect still ride,even to a minimum.

Justin Kohse -yes
Ryan Atkins -yes
DAn Heaton -yes
Kris Holm -yes
Kevin McMullin -yes (he was still riding 2 years ago he came to Montreal, probably still ride now)
Ryan Woessner - probably, he’s on the IUF
Jeff Grooves - no idea
Zack Baldwin - quit a long time ago, maybe he still rides though
Shaun Johanneson - intermittent quitter/coming back
Xavier Collos - he stopped while he was/is in school, but will probably ride from time to time for fun I guess?
Brian Lundgren - was at NAUCC 2 years ago
Jess Riegel - was still riding last year and 2 years ago, so probably still is
Vince Lemay - haven’t heard from him for a while even though we live in the same city. I’m pretty sure he rides from time to time
Tony Torchia - yes

shaun confuses me. he rides hard for about 2 years and then stops

me too :thinking: