defect music

I was wondering if anyone knew how to get the defect music, cause i am trying to get a few of the tracks, but legal and illegal ways are proving impossible.

I’ve only found one of the bands selling the cd, but with shipping its not worth it.

Can anyone help me? Or am i going to have to rip it off the film?

unless you’re in that band

agreed, but their site doesnt include an email where i can even ask for how much shipping would be :stuck_out_tongue:

that works for britney spears and crap but not for that kind of music :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks man, i actually searched for it, but i didnt put “soundtrack” i put defect music…

cheers anyways that should do me fine

anyone know where i can get:
8. Justin Kohse’s song - “Mark Each Word” by Voice in the Wire

thats the only one i can’t get. Their site is down

right I have

Shadowville Productions - Crush Your Enemies (Instrumental)
Dan Heaton’s song - “Cause and Effect” by Ordinary Peoples
Zack Baldwin’s song - “State of the Nation” by Shakedown
Kevin McMullin’s song - “All That Matters” by 1881
Ryan Atkins’ song - “Paging Mr. Bronson” by 800 Octane
Kris Holm’s song - “Organ-ize” by 1881

if anyone wants any of them PM me.

if anyone knows wot Xavier Collos’s song is could you tell me? Also if anyone can complete the collection that would be cool.

meh not all of its crap, you get the odd good song

Tres Delinquentes by Delinquent Habits
Thats purely from memory so is probably wrong.

that is correct, it says so on his page.

Delinquent habits is some pretty good mexi-rap. but It kind of gets old after a while

Sweet :stuck_out_tongue:

anyone got these? I lost my hard drive and lost those files :frowning: