dedicated UNI shoes?

So far I’ve been riding my UNI with the shoes I already had. This works, but isn’t the best. They are running shoes and the soles are taller in the back which makes for a strange pedal/foot angle. They are also overly padded so its hard to “feel” where the pedal is sometimes.

I’m getting ready to start trying MUNI and some REALLY basic flatland/trials stuff soon. You guys got an recommendations in the shoe category? I used to wear VANS when I was a skateboarder 25 years ago… :roll_eyes:

A couple posts with good information are:

Types of shoes for unicycling

In general skate shoes make good unicycling shoes because of the thin, flat soles with a repeating pattern. However, watch out for the circular part of these Vans:

It makes doing foot on frame tricks like one footed riding, backwards one footed riding, and one footed wheel walking almost impossible.

Also, metal-pinned muni pedals can eat your soles.

People wear shoes while unicycling?

We live in a strange time…

funny how most of the VANS look exactly like they did when I was skating 25 years ago. the only difference is they cost twice as much.

I just got a pair of 5-10 Freerides. Really nice. My feet are well protected and they’re nice and grippy. I never liked the style before but these are growing on me.


they are more durable than vans and stiffer for more efficiency. My mountain b*king cousin loves them.

I got to say i really like the tryall sole b shoes.

They’re on the expensive side, but do last quite well, I just got my second pair because my first one after 2yrs has got holes everywhere… I used to go through various skate shoes alot faster, and I guess ‘good’ skate shoes can easily cost as much as these.

My shoes get destroyed so fast regardless of price. So now I buy Air Speeds from Walmart. The blue and white model matches my uni and has great grip and are wide set for my fat feet. 20 bucks and I can get em anywhere in america on short notice :wink:

Dude, now you’re talking!!! Being a parent with this economy, I am always on a tight budget. Thanks!!!

I paid $.75 and $1 for my last couple pairs of shoes at garage sales, but will go as high as $4 at Goodwill if they’re in good shape with decent tread.

I am usually down for used cloths, but I just cant do shoes or underwear used…

If your feet are on the narrower side the Mad Rock Fury’s are great. It’s a mid height shoe with a sticky rubber dot sole like the 5.10’s. I can’t remember what I paid off hand, but I don’t think it was over $50.

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I have the freerides too. I’m also a mountain biker. :roll_eyes:
It’s really tough. Saved my foot many times, from being crushed between the pedal and the crank today. Was learning how to freemount. :smiley:

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Dedicated muni shoes

I would actually recommend dedicated muni shoes. I have a pair of 5-10 Nathan Rennies, high tops, that I’ve been running for almost 2 years, I’m getting ready to replace them (I bought 2 pairs so I have a spare waiting), but 2 years of Muni is pretty good for a $75 process tag.

I only wear my shoes when I am on my Muni.