Deciding on my next uni?

Still trying to decide on my next uni, whilst still learning on my 20" Nimbus II.
Until last night I was almost settled on a 24", either the Nimbus or the Qu-ax muni, until I spotted this 26" on UDC.

Full spec here

I like it’s strong 48 spoke wheel and the 2.50 tyre (John Tomac ??? ), and of course the colour :).
I was still unsure about the 3" tyre, as I want to cruise the town centre, paths and pavements, also a bit of light muni. Apparently this tyre is much better for pavement, whilst being good for muni.
I do not want brakes, so hope this size would be ok (my area is pretty flat).

I would welcome any opinions regarding this uni, and it’s suitability as my next step up from my 20".

If you’re looking to do more pavement riding than Muni you may want to consider a 29er. I’m sure you have your reasons for looking at a 26, I just think you may be happier on a 29er (cause everyone is :wink: ). You could get a 29er with a Big Apple or Kenda Small Block 8 and it’d be fine for light Muni, and probably more fun on the pavement.

Just my .02. No one can tell you what to get, that’s up to you and you only. Get what you really like and have fun with it. :slight_smile:

I’m a beginner with the Nimbus Mountain 24. I like it very much. It’s held up well under my 215 pounds and seems no worse for wear after being dropped a thousand times. I find it to be comfortable and rugged.

I started on a 24" a few months ago and just bought a Nimbus Drak 29". I have really enjoyed it mainly because I can ride longer and faster. Seemed to be spinning out a lot on the 24. Take it mostly on light to semi-techincal trails. Moving from a 20" to a 26" you will see a big difference. Even bigger going to a 29".


Wait, that wasn’t a question?



If you get smaller and ride alot you may find you will opt for a bigger wheel not long after.
If you do hard tracks rocks and steep descents a 24 or 26 could be better. Even a fresh Uni rider i would not discourage from straddling a bigger wheel uni to even learn on i see would be fine. Momentum and balance you need to get moving. 36" has plenty momentum and between a 26 and 29’’ they are but a wee bit of height difference really. When we start off all we want is to get moving forward in control.

Quax 26 looks good if they have a special on it. Consider larger if you like to cruise around town say with 125/150mm cranks or 26 wheel if you get into the tough stuff off road. All imao of course

Enjoy and be satisfied with whatever you decide. if your torn between to either get both! or round it up. like a 26. maybe go 29. thinking 24 perhaps a 26. Love the 20’’ just settle for 24.

Your next Uni still wont probably be your last. What you decide on will be the best decision for you

If you want to ride on the road, you may consider getting very comfortable on the 20 or 24 and then going for a 36. I just got my 36 and don’t see my 29er getting much use anymore on the road. I can control the 36 as well as the 29 in any road conditions I’ve encountered so far, except for maybe very heavy pedestrian traffic and the 36 rolls really nicely.

Of course the 29 can more easily fit in a car etc. Be careful with the Big Apple tire on the 29. It blew off my KH rim. It’s too skinny for most muni rims.

Well, there are people talking about 24, 26, 29 and 36ers, so that should help your decision a whole lot. :roll_eyes:

26 and 29 tires will be easy to find locally and possibly at reasonable prices. As posted previously I have a 24 but in hindsight I probably should have purchased a 26 simply because I have a ton of various 26 inch tires left over from when I used to ride a 26 Mt Bike.

I ride a 26 for everything except trials that’s a 19 but I’m going to a 24 soon I hope

Thanks everyone.

Are there any opinions on the choice of tyre on this uni?

It seems like it would be a good compromise. Wide and grippy enough for light to medium muni, and responsive enough for road use?

Wtb nano for road and tracks
Schwalbe racing Ralph for less road more trails or gravel
Schwalbe Hans dampf for trails

All are light, grippy, folding bead and available in 26 or 29
Go to chainreaction dot com for best prices around

Again, if you are really doing only road riding, you will soon tire of a 24. Get a 29 at least. Spend a few years getting comfortable on that. It’s a very versatile unicycle wheel size.