where can i get a DEATHGRIP for my uni?

Perhaps here.

Good luck. Scott is very busy with non unicycling work projects. From what I know he’s not taking on any unicycle product orders.


you should look on my desk, there’s one just sitting here


thanks for replying folks. dave in uk, (kington99) are you offering me your deathgrip that’s sitting there on your desk? that would be awesome. in any case, thanks for the info. anybody out there got one for sale, or a similar small out of the way grip compatible with my KH freeride saddle? i could upgrade to the better seatpost and saddle base if need be

Scott is taking orders (I just ordered a cf base). But he’s about four weeks out on delivering.

I’ve got a left handed death grip I’d be willing to sell, its used and has a minor chip in it but it works fine and Scott said it shouldn’t be an issue.

i was being a little mean, the deathgrip on my desk is alas broken

deathgrip for sale

thanks for replying all. brian o, what would i need to run the deathgrip you’re offering? a primo seatpost, carbon fiber base, etc? i’ve got a basic UNITED non adjusting seatpost for now, and KH freeride saddle
how much for your deathgrip?
lefthanded andy dandy1wheeler