Death of the Maxxis Hookworm.

Looks like the Hookworm will shortly be no more.
Certainly in the UK supplies are drying up and the price at UDC has shot up from £32 to £39 + delivery for the 24 and 26.

I understand that the Hookworm is very popular with MTB’ers and BMX’ers as well as some uni riders, yet I heard that the manufacturers are stopping production.

Where is the logic in this?

Production of the 24 stopped quite a while ago, are you sure they are stopping the 26 though?

Seems that way. Also, the 20" seems to be going the same way, as I picked up a clearance 20" from Chain Reaction for £12 delivered.

I spoke to UDC in the UK who mentioned about the line being discontinued, but they also said they are trying to get Maxxis to produce a limited production run, but they will be much more expensive.

CST, the company that makes Maxxis, also markets a tire called the Cyclops that for all practical purposes is the same as the Hookworm. I’m not sure why they have two tires that are so similar except to maybe hit two different price points.

The Cyclops is much cheaper (Amazon: 26=$14, 24=$11). I have had both tires next to each other mounted on rims, and the dimensions look identical. The Cyclops is a 2.4, and the Hookworm is a 2.5, but in this case they are no different. The tread is different, but both tires weigh a ton, and have tread going down the sidewall. I have a couple of Hookworms, but in the future I won’t be upset if I have to go with the Cyclops. In fact, even if the HW is available I’ll get the Cyclops. I just don’t see any real difference for the extra cost.

its gonna be a sad day when the hookworm goes away. When I used to ride street a lot on the 24inch that was the only tire that would last. A lot of people will say its heavy and this is most likely why its going to stop being produced. The sad fact is that I actually love how heavy it is. I cant imagine using a lighter tire. Even the hookworm would get torn apart if I had a sketchy landing. Stock up while you can, cause once these tires are gone the price will sky rocket!!

They sound good, but I can’t find these anywhere in the UK, neither on the CST site.
Have these been discontinued too I wonder.

Yeah, someone had already told me the 24" Hookworm was gone. Would discontinuing all the Hookworms just be a way to quietly jack up prices? They seem to be affordable, durable and responsive, especially if you pump them up to their 110psi limit. That’s how I like my new-ish 20" Hookworm. Oh well, can someone suggest a similar tire for the future?

Hey, there’s a pair of new old stock 24" Hookworms up on eBay.

Someone should probably grab them. I don’t have a unicycle to fit but I was tempted to anyway.

That’s interesting news. I haven’t noticed a shortness of supply. I could still buy the 26" ones all day long. Manufacturers sometimes do discontinue products while they’re still popular, create a drought with much wailing and moaning and market exploitation, then bring out a new and slightly different replacement at a higher price. Think they’re up to that?

My info was from UDC in the UK so I guess it’s genuine so far as they know.
The UDC price has certainly shot up. Supply and demand I guess.
Pity those tyres on Ebay are not in the UK as I would have bought them by now. :frowning: