Dear Honored Coliegue: Your Advice and Direction on Seat-Out-Front Skill Progression

I have had a most ghastly experience attempting this most benal of skills, that is to say, riding seat-out-front.

Be it known, this corrispondant has not issue with the seat in a low position, riding out of saddle with hand front and back. No small amount of distress is experienced, I fear tell, when that same seat is moved only a single length forward. No more than a solitary revolution results in the cycle twisting side-to-side in a most undignified fassion. To add further insult, arrow straight cranks treat my ankles most poorly.

The question at hand, may it be then, the position of the hands on seat? Or perhaps one must issue kind words in order to hold the velocipede in thrall?

If then it pleases you, lend your knowlage to this strugle, and I will consider it with no little regard.

Good day,

Christopher Rhysling LeFay


Alan Tepper just recently taught me how to do this. The key to learning this skill is realizing that the seat doesn’t have to be way out in front to qualify. In fact, the seat can be pushed up against your body, and the more firmly the better.

Pull the seat out and grab the middle of the seat with one hand in some comfortable manner. Grab it firmly. Push it up against your thigh or hip. If you’ve never tried stomach on seat start with it there. Ride for awhile and then put the seat back in. Do the position change quickly both ways so there is little time between stable positions.

I think you’ll find that you can slowly move the seat further away from you as you become familiar with the skill. Just start up close and tight.

You da man…you go DO it…you da one.


I braved the cold today and flailed around for an hour trying to seat-out-front. Max was 3 zig-zagging revolutions. I thought I might try mounting with SOF, and had lots of mixed results.

Strange thing is, I can lower the seat REALY far and ride out of seat as long as my legs hold out- but try and pull the seat forward, and I fall apart. Part of the problem might be that I have to bow my legs a good deal to get the Viscount seat past (is it REALY wide in back, or what?), and I think my weight shifts back at the same time. When I ride out of sadle, the seat makes very little contact with me… seems odd that having it out front would make that much of a difference.

Is this supposed to be so hard? Seems like I must be doing something wrong… isn’t this just a level 3 skill? Arg!

I think I may take the frame off, and not put it back on untell I can UW… humm…

Any words you might have would be apreciated. :slight_smile:


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Can you ride stomach-on-seat? That is a level 3 skill. Try it first. The way to learn is to mount stomach-on-seat and ride that way and then dismount. When you can do that proficiently (and it’s not hard, just uncomfortable) try the transitions from riding to stomach-on-seat and back again. Do this by QUICKLY standing on the pedals as you ride (stand up TALL) and plop your gut down on the seat QUICKLY. Do the transition back quickly, too. Lowering the seat here might help but I didn’t find it necessary.

When you switch to seat-out-front and you’re doing the transitions just put the seat up against your (leg, thigh, pelvis, stomach, choose one) instead of putting your stomach on it. Push it up against yourself FIRMLY and hold it there as you pedal. Then slowly work the seat away from you.

You’re doing this on your 24" I assume.

You can do this, you’re good.

Thanx Harper: lowered the seat, kept it in close, and away I went. I can only do it with one hand on the seat- aparently I needed the other hand to wave at the populous. Longest ride was about 150’, with an intentional circle around Lewis. On straight aways I can move the seat out at arms length.

This uses only slightly less energy than hopping- quite the work out (for me, at least).

The advice and encouragement go a long way! :slight_smile:


I told you you could do it. I told you you were good. Seat out back is just as easy. Push it up against your butt FIRMLY to start.

Ahh, if only Chris Goves posted to the forum still; he would never let a statement like this go unrewarded. :wink:


i think cris groves just changed his name.he could’nt have abandoned us,could he?

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>i think cris groves just changed his name.he could’nt have abandoned
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