DC/Baltimore area riders

I live in TX now, but I’m from the DC/Baltimore area. I’m going to be visiting family in June. I plan on bringing the muni and would like to do several rides while I’m there. I’d like to ride the trails I used to ride before I dropped the extra wheel:) . Patapsco State Park (Avalon Area), Loch Raven Resevoir, Gambrils State Park (maybe) are what I have in mind. I’d also be interested in gooffing off with some urban trials.

Respond here if you’re interested. Maybe we can develop this into a kind of Muni Weekend, although I do have to spend some time with family.

I don’t know yet the exact dates.



Im 16 and live in Rockville, Maryland. I dont have a muni yet, but ive ordered a kh24 and it should arrive in late may. After that, i know im just going to be hooked. I’d love to see a muni weekend in the d.c. area! im not sure there are enough people in this area tho; the only other person i know of is trip glazer (muniracer).

ive done a bit of research on what muni trails there are nearby, and i’ve come up with rock creek park, seneca lake, and lake needwood (none of which look great , but once the kh24 arrives ill be desperate to do anything.


I’ll be in Northern Virginia for the summer and would definately be up for a DC muni/trials weekend. Trip will probably be back in Richmond for the summer, but I’m sure he and the rest of the gang would be willing to drive the hour and a half to unicycle with new people/on new trails. Trip’s been talking about planning a DC muni weekend ever since our Belle Isle Muni Weekend last December.

Count me in!

ok this is good. i’ll be in touch through this thread when i can pin down a date.

i know the trails i mentioned pretty well. i would really like to do patapsco avalon area. we could have a lot of fun there.

i wonder when muniracer is heading back to virginia? it is possible i can come in May or early June if that helps.