David Weichenberger Video

While skimming through KH’s sponsored riders, I clicked on this dude and found a video of him and his sick Austrian riding. I’m not sure if it’s been posted on here before (I remember his sponsor thread didn’t have any videos) but even if it has, I’m sure some of you people haven’t seen it. Without further ado…

It’s around 6.5 min. long. Enjoy!

Ive seen it already. Man he has some slick moves!

He’s sick.
I saw him “live” on a convention in Neerpelt this year.
But I wonder how he does that seat in front drop trick whitout standing on the cranks?

wow dude that was really good… i really like his style…


that guys amazing

yes he is

someone post a vid of him. I wanna see him

that was nice…

I had never heard of him. Thanks for posting the video!