Darren Bedford: Creative Theif?

I started a post not terribly long called Lowrider Unicycles. I thought this was a pretty good idea. I was thinking about constructing something like my idea but then realized i neither had the skill nor the money to undertake this endeavor. so i just gave up on the idea…

Then i saw the attached image (what we will call exhibit A): which can be found http://community.webshots.com/album/101269967bpbgfW

I NEVER thought someone would think that this was a good enough idea to mass produce and sell them. And i never even got a memo. :wink:

Oops! Forgot Exhibit A! :smiley:

…did you even read your thread? Darren,as the 9th responce in your thread (the one you linked) comments that he already has one…this is a classic case of posting to much for your own good.

It took me a while to get the photos taken as mentioned in your thread.

Andrew Parker asked me to build him one earlier this year. It took me a while to figure out how to do it.

I had the wheel at NAUCC in July but didn’t get a chance to do anything with it.

I showed lots of people and told them what I had planned to do with it.

Glad you like the pimpcycle !


Oh geez. when you’re right you’re right. And you are definitely right. How embarassing. Actually I’m suprised Rowan wasn’t first to point out my error. Thank God i have you two, what else will help me to realize when i’m wrong. :roll_eyes:

I really like the “Pimp-Cycle.” and i personally wouldn’t mind having one. My idea, however involved some more gold-plated bling-bling like pedals, spokes and frame complete a cushy velvet saddle. :smiley:

(mmMMmm… “bling”)

you loser,dont Quote me just to be lame and redundant…the fact is they you came on strong to a member of the fora.just cause you cant stand to have it thrown in your face doesnt mean you need to :Roll Your Eyes…

I’m still trying to figure out how in the heck he got the spoke wrench in there… :frowning:

It would look really nice with a chrome fender, like Mr. Foss’s “Excessory Unicycle” (Fourth one down). Note also the second uni down - the “triple-spoked Schwinn”. I think you’ve still got him beat though.