Daniel, from FLORIDA!

What’s your name?
Daniel Taylor
Where do you come from?
What is your experience of unicycling?
I’ve been on and off a unicycle since about 2006, but just recently started to put a lot of time and energy into it due to cleaning up my life and dropping some unhealthy habits and trying to get into better shape and just be a more positive outgoing person in general. It’s truly a pleasure and great fun riding unicycles but would be swell to ride with others at some point. Everyone I meet thinks unicycling is awesome but really hard to find anyone that actually wants to do get into it. I’ve got a 20” impact uni I take to the skatepark, a 19” impact uni I do trials with and a 36” nimbus I ride paved bike trails and occasional MTB trails with although I’m waiting till June to get a 27.5 Muni to get more into off road trail riding.


Welcome to the forum, Daniel!

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Hello @Daniel


Great! Ride it! Enjoy!


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