Dan Heaton videos

Does anyone have any good Dan Heaton videos i cant find any?


Re: Dan Heaton videos

A lot of people have universe 1 and 2, and highly recommend them (including myself). Pick them up, you won’t regret it. You can prolly get the pair for $25-$30.

There are a few old videos of Dan here:


Which One?

Which should i get for christmas Universe or UNiverse 2??


I am leaning towards universe 2:D

which one is more street oriented? and like urban trials?


universe 2 is:D

They’re both street/trials movies, with a little bit of MUni. You’d probably lke UNiVERsE II better, though, because there is a wider variety of riders/styles and they’re just better in general.

You will buy them both, so…
Buy Universe 1 before ! If you buy Universe 2 what will you buy next time?

Spaced Out… One Wheel Addiction… Training Wheel Not Required… The fifteen or so other movies that will be out by the time you buy all of these… ( :

LOL! You’re right!