Dan Heaton video on youtube

If anyone is interested, I put up an old video of myself on youtube. This video was featured on eckotv.com for a bit.


Cool! Most clips from Defect and Universe! but is always good to watch dan stuff :smiley:

Yeah already faved.

Dan is a beast.

May not be any of my business but why have you stopped making videos (other than that commercial, i love your style with the lots of backwards riding. All the videos i have seen with you are you in with other unicyclers. Would love to see one just with you just a solo riding video :slight_smile:
PS not any of my business once so ever but i am just requesting but if you don’t want to create a video fine by me and liked your commercial i saw a while back.

i love you dan, but facebook can be a bitch eh?


You’re so cool, Dan.

lol awesome video but for some reason everytime i watch something it pops up in a thread the next day


Probably coz you’ve subscribed to every unicyclists channel and you can’t post a vid on the forums till it’s on youtube :stuck_out_tongue:

No cause i hadnt already subscribed to it.It was just in related videos

Cool vid, creapy picture :roll_eyes:

haha sweet video as always. Creepy picture, awesome… but creepy!

You should make your way north to vancouver for a few days! There is some sweet riding here that is just begging to be hit up!

awesome style !!! :roll_eyes: :slight_smile:
sweet picture :smiley:

Dans the man with the plan, easily one of my favorites. I wanna see another movie out of him, that would be sick.

dan heaton! if you came to sweden im going to give you a kiss! i love your style!

I just caught Dan on TV - columbia commercial. Pretty cool!