Dan Heaton Pro street "or" Devil - White Widow ?

This is the first I’m hearing of a DH Pro uni. Where does one get one? Any links to photos or specs?

The Dan Heaton Pro uni, its on the Koxx one website.

what are you gonna save, like an ounce?

Roland is allways first with new stuff.
So thanks for that Roland.


They worked on my problem (the interface to the Pedals) and made a second version of alu cranks where you don’t need the washers. I broke 2 secondversion cranks now.


the XTP trials uni is F*ing expensive. like $750 :astonished:

The frame only will cost you 275€ or 352 USD



No, realy :slight_smile:


its actually about 800 but its like a pound or 2 lighter than kh, and prolly stronger

The rim isn’t. I thought I heard somewhere the frame was heavier than a kh, no?

o i forgot bout the rim, why wouldnt they make it w/ the rim on the street ones. but the whole uni alltogether is lighter than kh, its 5200g when kh is 5700g, the same as white widow, orange bud amd dh

it has magnesium pedals

te frame is a bit heavier,

the cranks and hub are lighter(I think)

the seatpost is pretty mucht he same

the seat is leather

on the site it says that it has the comfort saddle, thats the thick one like older khs, why would they make it w/ that seat?

Ok, so that is about 1 pound.

well its still ligher

not lighter then my KH uni :slight_smile:

Aw poo, the Orange Bud and Dan Heaton Pro are both the exact same, just with different color scheme.

:roll_eyes: @ koxx one. Why pay 600$ more for a heavier frame that makes gliding or any foot on frame tricks impossible? You could buy 4 spare kh frames while being able to glide with that much extra cash. Even if it is stronger, has anyone broken a kh20 frame?

The main reason that the xtp uni weighs less is because of the 200g lighter aluminum cranks.