Dan Heaton Pro street "or" Devil - White Widow ?

I’m thinking about buying a new trials unicycle, but I don’t know what to chose.

:roll_eyes: I’m hesitating between the Dan Heaton Pro street whit TRIALS cranks instead of the street cranks “OR” The Devil - White Widow.

can anybody help me whit my choise ? :thinking:

whats your budget?

What is stearing you in the direction of either of these? What are you planning on using these for? Are you a street or a trials purist? Do you like a little of both worlds? What kind of skills do you hope to improve by purchasing one of these?

With these questions answered we can prolly help you out alot more.

The aluninium cranks in the second version have still the problem that the steelwinding to hold the pedal is spinning and shaking after a short time. I broke the second cranks now without any big drops only flips and grinds. So order the streetcranks.

Did you use the supplied washers? The alu cranks are the kind you want for trials, no ankle bumping, light and stronger than the street cranks.

I’m doing Trial but I also like to do street tricks.
I’m thinking about the DH pro street because the rim of the White Widow’s rim is a bit weak.
otherwise the cranks of the DH pro street are not that good for doing trials.

So I was thinking to place the Koxx Trials cranks on the DH pro street instead of the street cranks.

I’m now riding a Qu-Ax trials but the seat isn’t good for trialing s.i.f. and the Qu-Ax is also a bit to heavy for me. that’s why I’m thinking about the DH pro street or the White devil.
I’m still not sure about the Koxx trials rim.
is it really that weak ?

So buy a new seat.

And maybe a lighter frame?

Yeah I would definatly recomend just upgrading the old uni to something friggin sweet instead of just buying a new one.

With the money those would cost you could get a KH frame (or the new Qu-ax alu frame), and a sweet carbon fiber seat with gel padding. That would not only make the whole thing way lighter it would also make the seat stronger (even stronger than the koxx one and more comfy). Another thing is to check your tube, if you have a legit trials tube then you could get a smaller tube and that would save a fair bit of weight. I would say that would make a much better uni than either of the Koxx unis.

This is the first I’m hearing of a DH Pro uni. Where does one get one? Any links to photos or specs?

The Dan Heaton Pro uni, its on the Koxx one website.

what are you gonna save, like an ounce?

Roland is allways first with new stuff.
So thanks for that Roland.


They worked on my problem (the interface to the Pedals) and made a second version of alu cranks where you don’t need the washers. I broke 2 secondversion cranks now.


the XTP trials uni is F*ing expensive. like $750 :astonished:

The frame only will cost you 275€ or 352 USD



No, realy :slight_smile:


its actually about 800 but its like a pound or 2 lighter than kh, and prolly stronger

The rim isn’t. I thought I heard somewhere the frame was heavier than a kh, no?