Dallas Unicycle Ride- Saturday the 20th

I got an email today from the same group that organized the July 4th parade ride in Arlington:

“There will be a unicycle ride this Saturday, Sept 20th @ the Grand Prairie
YMCA. The ride will be at 12:15pm.”

The email also lists a number to call to reserve a shirt in your size- pm me if you need that number.

This was from wrunts@gmail.com.

For those not familiar with the group, this will be assorted people of various skill levels on various unicycles. It’s not a 40 mile Coker tour or anything. I and my son both plan to be there.

I was very excited when I saw this, but then realized I’ll be at work most of Saturday :frowning:

Despite living in Denton for the past year, I’ve never been to Dallas…