Dallas area MUni

Just got back from a muni ride at Erwin Park in McKinney. It’s an 8 mile single track but I must confess that I didn’t do the whole thing. Shortly after the half-way mark, the track started weaving in and out of itself and I got confused. I was too tired to finish anyway, so I took the road back to my car.

It was a fun trip, but just a wee tad too difficult for an old guy that’s only been riding for a few months. It looks like there is an easy path for inexperienced folk. But I guess it’s all more or less easy when you walk your unicycle up and down all of the steepest hills.

The only other place that I’ve tried is Arbor Hills in Plano. It’s a lot shorter and easier, even though it also killed me.

Not sure where I’ll go next.

You could try Rowlette Creek. I mountain bike there all the time and there some really good spots there.

You should let me know whenever you wanna go unicycle. Infact I’ll be going here shortly with one of my friends to our skatepark. Haha but it sounds like your pretty tired