dakine Heli Pack with 70oz reservoir

Hey all!

I just got my dakine Heli Pack from ebay today… and its oh so nice… its the first time i’ve bought an expensive rucksack and well… why didnt I before???

Well first off its really comfortable, secondly really light, thridly the water system is soo cool :smiley: Although it took me a while to get how to suck the water… didnt realise you had to squeeze so hard with ur teeth didnt want to damage it…

Then my main aim was to get the uni on it… so off i go in the garage to unsuccesfully try to shove my 19" trials koxx1 red devil on it…

Well i went upstairs tried to pm kington99 cause he said he used the same pack… and went back downstairs with the top strap…

So yeah the top strap goes along the hub and the frame/seatpost is held by both of the side straps…

The pedal is just near my bum, luckily i’m not fat so it doesnt hit me, and oh its so nice… it doesnt feel like it weighs much when you put the bottom strap aroudn your waist… i guess it only weighs… 0.9kg for the pack + ~2 litres of water and the 5.7kg uni… so thats like ~9kg… not exactly much compared to my usual school bag crammed with textbooks…

So yes a very good buy… and my 661 4x4 can fold inside the bag or can be put on the outside in that weird pocket thing… and i still got quite alot of room in the bag… I might even take it to school on days where i have few lessons… cause its so nice.

Anwyays if ur looking for a small rucksack and want a reservoir or/and need to carry ur uni… GET THIS BAG!

I didnt get on my bike, but i am sure i could cycle easily with my uni on my back. The bottom of the wheel was just around the top of my bum and wasnt going lower than the bag itself so cyclign would be a doddle… oh the possibilities :smiley:

damn that runaway edit button…

Just a question, shoudl i worry abotu putting any weight against the waterpack? Like is it bad to have books crammed in the bag against the water pack and then shoving the unicycle on? Or shoudl i not worry are these things very tough?

I just bought the heli pro, the 1-up from the heli pack, and i can’t wait to get it. But, with my experience of water resevoirs, pressure can’t hurt it, just be weary of sharp objects.

yeah the heli-pro looks nice, but its abit too big for what i need.

And ok i wont worry too much then. Its just i never had one before so i’m pretty worriesome.

Is it the dakine hydration pack in the neoprene bag? I have a platypus which is just a clear plastic bag, it’s taken the most horrendous beating (falling on my back when i have spiked pedals in the bag etc.) and never failed me, and the dakine one will be even better. You can quite happily drive over a platypus in a car, the are deisgned to be extremley tough.

well my dakine pack has the hydration pack in like a elasticated net that is stuck on the inside of the bag as close as possible to the back.

if that makes sense… check my gallery i have pictures of hwo i fittedmy uni on the bag. i’ll get some pictures of the hydration packs position next time i get my camera out.

Btw thanks for your pm kington i managed to fit my uni abit better with your help! cheers