Cyclepro 20"/seat height

I just got a cyclepro 20" for $20,is that decent?Has the round BMX fork style frame.
Bearings roll,chrome is clean and the seat is good.Figured I could atleast get my $20 back when I re-sell.
I have a CX(cheap)24" and figured it might be nice to have a 20" to learn to ride also. :astonished:
Of course I’ll get the 24" down before try the 20",but have been wondering if its easier to learn on a 20"?
I’m 6’1,but the seat goes way up.

Speaking of which,how high do I want my seat? :thinking:

$20 for a working unicycle is a good deal. Usually learner unicycles aren’t that cheap. Even the old rusty junk from 30 years ago is more expensive because it’s “vintage antique”.

In terms of difficulty, I’d say 20" and 24" are about the same. Some people have an easier time with a 20" because they are closer to the ground and falling doesn’t seem so scary.

The seat should be about the same height you would use for a bike – knee slightly bent at the bottom of the pedal stroke. There is a pretty wide range that will work for seat height, so don’t stress about millimeters. As long as you don’t feel like you’re squatting or standing on your tip toes, then it is probably fine.

Ok thanks.Yeah the uni’s like new,I know its a cheapy,but like you said cant go wrong w/ $20.Bearings are still good and the wheel is straight,thats about all I can ask for.
I can tell the 20" is gonna be easier for me to learn,I can almost get a full rotation right off the bat,the 24" I can get maybe a 1/2 and I’ve tried that one a few times.

Shin gaurds are a MUST!!!Already tore one up messin around in the kitchen.
Thanks again for the pointers.

I’m learning on a 20" Avenir (bought it new, cost a bit more than $20!) and it seems to be a lot like or maybe the same as a Cyclepro from what I’ve seen. I’m about your height and I’ve got the seat post all the way up to the limit line. It isn’t too high there.

So far so good with mine. The uni isn’t the weakest link for sure. Every once in a while, you might want to check the nuts that keep the crank arms on the axle. They’ve got a reputation for loosening though mine haven’t yet. Good luck with it!

Oh, and yes, the shin guards have saved me many times already.:slight_smile:

Ha yeah the left crank was loose and the seat was backwards,wonder if the seller tried to learn on it backwards and thats why he gave up.
Seats in good condish too,so it will probably end up on my CX24.
Best part was the dude lived like 2mins from me,so it was a quick easy deal.

I also saw the Avenir on ebay listed as Avenir/Cyclepro.Probably the same w/ different stickers.Its all china crap made in the same factory.

Better check that the whole unicycle isn’t put together backwards. It happens sometimes with used unis. The left crank is actually threaded the opposite direction, and it is important that it go on the left side. If the cranks are on the wrong side, then riding forwards will slowly unscrew the pedals, and eventually they’ll get loose and move around enough to strip the threads in the cranks.

+1 I’ve had this happen.

Pretty sure I have it correct.The slit for the seat clamp is in the back and the right crank is on the right side,left on left.That was actually the first thing I checked.
One crank was loose,thats probably why,dude was assbackwards.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the pointer tho.