Cycle shorts?

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Does anyone have any recommendation for padded cycle shorts? I am rarely comfortable on my uni seat.

For uni seat problem:

  1. Stand up while riding and than seat again focusing on how to seat properly
  2. Standig a bit could always help your blood flow through crotch area
  3. With an handle or an handlebar you can focus on transferring some weight to that part
  4. You can buy a seat with a cutout (you can buy one or modify your seat. Look through the forum and you’ll find a lot of suggestions… my best saddle is the one I mod myself)
  5. I’m waiting for my pants to arrive:
    But it is aimed to avoid others bad fall problems while learning to freewheel (I’m still scarred since 10 days ago)

Get bib shorts. The over the shoulder construction makes sure “things” stay where they should. Shorts are designed for a close fit. They don’t keep it all in place if they are loose.

Ride more. It builds up the muscles in your bum.

Use shorter cranks so there is more weight on your feet.

Ride up steep hills so you have to stand up. BTW I expect you would be surprised at the idea of standing up riding a unicycle. It surprises pretty much everyone until they do it. Non-riders always give me a funny look when I talk about standing up on hills and observers are never more incredulous than when watching me on a steep hill.

Thanks Vogelfrei.

I’m at the very beginning of the learning curve so a handlebar is something I’ll think about further down the line maybe. Right now I just want to stick to the basics.

I have some pants like the ones you are getting, but they have no crotch padding either, just impact protection.

If I don’t eventually get comfortable on my seat, I will probably try to buy a new one. As a beginner, it’s hard to know whether it’s the seat’s fault or my fault or what.

Bib shorts? Never heard of 'em, I’ll have to look that up.

Ride more than half a revolution? Believe me, I’m trying!

I’m a classic “zero bum” white guy though. Even at my most athletic, decades ago, I didn’t have enough bum to stop a raindrop from hitting my heel.

I’ll be trying this in good time. For now I’m working on what you suggested worked really well, a 20 incher with a fat tire to make it even easier to learn. Working on not immediately falling off, that is. Anything more complicated than that, I’ll have to just keep in mind for later.


Fellow “zero bum” white guy here, my lack of arse has for some reason translated into me REALLY liking saddles with little or no padding. Impact Naomi, or Nimbus Stadium’s are my arse’s jam.

That being said - a good pair of bib shorts does help a lot. I’ve got a cheap Chinese set I got custom-printed with a whacky design, and a super high-end Trek/Bontrager team kit I got as part of a sponsorship (A lot less exciting than it sounds) and the difference between the two is significant. Both are fine to make my arse comfortable on nearly all rides, but the Trek kit is definitely reserved for my 100k epics because of how much better it makes everything.

So yeah… I say worry about good shorts later on, and concentrate on building your arse up. A cheap pair of bib shorts will provide enough padding to do you for decent rides, but unless you’re doing 15-20 milers or more I wouldn’t worry about either.

LOL. I didn’t really notice who had asked. Generally questions about padded shorts come up after being able to ride kilometres.

One thing you are doing perfectly is maintaining a sense of humour. It really is the most important part of learning.

In the process of packing up our house ready to move next month I came across my lost bib shorts from my MTB days. I’ve been using some local cycling shorts (on the left in the pic) which have left quite a bit to be desired, so I’m super excited about riding in the next few days with my bibs.

I also found my old UDC cycling shirt :grin:

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I know people rave about bib comfort, but personally I don’t find them all that much different to normal shorts. I have one pair, but I only use them during winter when it’s below freezing, and that’s for warmth rather than comfort (they’re long, with a thermal layer).

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I don’t understand why people like them either, I also have one pair and ever since the first time I wore them I’ve contemplated cutting the bib part off, it’s soooooooooo uncomfortable. I usually just let the upper part hang around my waist.

Each to their own I guess. Personally I prefer them for the way they keep the padded part in place, reducing movement, discomfort and chaffing.

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I totally agree.
For me, my padded cycling shorts I had (used for dragon boat racing previously), couldn’t do these things commuting on the KH36.
I also tried other “none padded” stretch shorts next to the skin, but no joy. Almost did the job though…

I’m very happy now not being bothered by the “seat contact point” with my unicycle.
I just got the Castelli Freeaero RC bib short. $184AUD (Discounted online)
I can say the sizing chart on their website is spot on. I’ve never worn bib shorts before but am happy not being bothered by one less thing while riding.

Not sure if it was the bib shorts, but first time riding to work, I surprising achieved a cycle time of 1 hr, compared to usual…1 hr 10min to 1 hr 15min.

…Oh and over the Bib shorts I wear motocross padding (hip protection) and the stretch cycle shorts as mentioned before to keep the hip padded shorts in place.

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I swear by these. Wore them all summer 2022. Had multiple pairs - and they have options for padding. I have one set with padding. It fastens and can be taken out:

I’ve never tried cycling shorts, but cargo shorts in the summer and jeans in the winter work fine for me. I don’t like the idea of having to change into something else to unicycle, which is why I also don’t have cycling shoes or anything, just grab a water bottle and helmet and I’m good for at least a marathon.


I find my regular gym shorts to be a bit too short for comfort when on the cycle. I get a little self conscious.I like the extra long cargo-ish shorts. I also like a stretchy fabric.

I did start riding with regular cargo pants and jeans, to be honest. They do work fine.

I was pretty lucky to have my first pair of cycling shorts be pretty damn good. I believe they are Endura padded liner IIs, at least I hope so, I just ordered another pair, but I can’t be sure because at some point in the past I cut out the label… Either way, I think like with saddles, having a good fit for your butt is the most important part - doesn’t really matter whether they are cheap or expensive, popular or unpopular…

I do ride in jeans occasionally and used to do that a lot (nowadays I tend to have bike shorts underneath). On my bike jeans are no problem at all, but on the unicycle it’s too much chaffing for my skin to go longer distances and also wears the jeans out really fast. Just the wide nose of the unicycle seat I guess.

I fully get the “don’t overcomplicate it and just ride in whatever” - attitude, and I still stick to that in some ways, I don’t let myself use not having equipment as an excuse. On the other hand, it’s often only a matter of quickly changing clothes to go from “works fine” to “works great” (and really not that much money invested into that, considering).

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I also wanted to add about some clothes wearing out fast. My cargo shorts started wearing around the back pockets and eventually developed holes. Quicker than normal, and probably by a longshot. I was also learning at that time and a few falls probably quickened things.

I wear three pads in my shorts and it feels good I can stay up on the unicycle much longer than before this really helps me. 3 bicycle shorts work great give it a shot and you’ll feel the comfort.

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I’ve got 2 pairs of cheap but with good reviews cycling shorts and I just wear them with some hiking or closer fitting pants/shorts depending on weather and it works amazing. I swapped out my underwear since starting to ride as I find ball placement seems to be my biggest comfort factor.

If in going on a ride less than 4 hours I usually won’t change but Unipacking and muni days get the shorts just for extra comfort.

I tried padded shorts when I started MUNI because it seemed like a logical choice. They didn’t do anything for soreness or numbness. Another rider suggest that I just use shorts or “shell shorts”. Basically any shorts or running pants. The issues I had went away after a while and less padding gave me more control.

One game changer I found was underwear with a pouch in the front. I don’t know how many companies do this, but mine come from Everything stays where it’s supposed to when I ride and I don’t have to worry about adjustments.