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> I asked Beirne Konarski about how he attached his cycle computer to his
> unicycle:
> >I mounted mine sideways on the fixed part of the seat post. The brand is
> >Trek, and it has large numbers for the speed, making it fairly easy to take a
> >quick look down through my legs and see how fast I’m going. I can’t look at
> >all times, the way I would on a bike, but I can see often enough that it is
> >helpful. It also includes an odometer and keeps track of average trip speed,
> >maximum trip speed, and some other things.
> Even with mine mounted into the seat of my racing unicycle, it’s very hard to
> look at while riding above a medium speed. It’s mostly intended for training
> times, and for measuring distance, max speed, average speed, etc.

I can look at the computer at speeds up to 12mph on my 28" UF. My measured
record so far is 13.5mph, but I don’t think I could take a look at that speed. I
agree that its mostly for the cumulative data.


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