Cutting a longneck frame

I’m sure this has been inquired about before, but my search results came up empty so here I am. I’m curious to know how to trim my longneck frame 2 inches or so without wrecking the whole thing. Feedback would be much appreciated.

Yea, I was going to ask the same thing,
If you cut it down, wouldn’t the little slit needed for the clamp not be there…
Do you have to make another small slit in the frame for the clamp to work???

Cut it down, file and smooth the edges of the cut. Cut out the slit, smooth those edges too, and youll be fine.

thanks, thats what I figured but seeing as how I paid $700 for it, I thought it would be in my best interest not take any chances

Just be carfull about it, no harsh cuts, go slow if need-be.

I’m assuming you paid $700 for the whole unicycle not just the frame?

One could only assume…

maybe he has a titanium frame? from the future?

no he has the torker 09… dont cut it… it will cut you!

I did it to my frame and its fine.Make sure you file inside the frame so the post can come out easy enough

While not 100% necessary I would drill a hole where the new slot is going to end. This gives the slot a round finish and helps distribute stress from the clamp. You are probably fine without but it is less likely to crack if there is a round end to the slot.

If it is such a nice frame you might consider having the seat tube reamed at a bike shop instead of filing after cutting, and slotting. It can be reamed to give a measured diameter such as 27.2. This would ensure a good fit with your seatpost.

yeah the $700 was for the whole uni plus shipping. its the kh 20" double crown. expensive for a noob like me but hey, I won’t need a new one any time soon. thanks for the advice