Hi guys,
This is my first post :open_mouth: But here goes: I have a 20" indy standard trainer unicycle which i learnt on, i can now ride and idle confidently and am learning to hop. I have recently started to ride in my local woods (I’m from England) where there is some basic drops (15-50cm) and lots of downhill routes. The problem i have found is that the very basic wheel get coated in the mud and then i slip and slide all over the place. I want to customise my uni so that is is more suitable, possibly with a mountain bike tyre? I want it to be better suited to muni than it is right now because that is what i want to start learning. I have no more than £80 ($130) to spend to customise it. What do you suggest i do? I am open to any suggestions to improve it.
P.S: i Have been told already that the wheel size isn’t ideal but i am comfortable riding it on the trails i’m riding currently. Also i am open to the idea of a new unicycle but it would have to be in my budget including postage to London :slight_smile:

off road/trials tyre like depending on if its a 20" or a 19" and a stronger rim would do no harm

I would just get a tire for now. I would look mostly at trials front tires since they are designed to be run at lower pressure than BMX tires and will have a grippier compound.

The Try-All tires would probably do the best with mud since regular square block trials tires tend to pack up and not shed all that well.

and if your rim and frame is wide enough there is the Onza Sticky Finger 20" x 2.4" Tyre but you probably want a rim at least 35mm wide for that one.

EDIT: looking at the descriptions on TartyBikes I would either go with the Diamond Back or the Sticky light. The rest either have really tight knobs (not good for mud shedding) or thin sidewalls (bad for stability at low pressure)

Thanks for your help. I think i will just be replacing the tyre :slight_smile: